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Looking for a reason to use New Zealand Mortgage Company? Here are a few:

We found that the team at New Zealand Mortgage Company amazing to deal with throughout the whole new-build process. From helping us get our kiwisavers and Home Start Grants organised, to advising us and liaising with our solicitor to get us to final settlement, and for their ongoing service during the build draw-down process and for anything else that we needed. 

- Matt Craik & Ellen Andrews -

When my bank told me that they would not recognise my second job as income for my loan application, I went to New Zealand Mortgage Company and they quickly found a solution with another bank. This then allowed me to buy my first home and it was all very easy from there on in. It has been a real life-changer for me and

my family. 

- Julie Forrow -

The team at New Zealand Mortgage Company got us a loan approval within one week after our current bank said that they would not recognise our current residency status. We recommend them to anyone who is looking to buy and they want an adviser who are willing to go that extra mile for everyone.


- Caroline Elmore & Slav Paradowski -

I was not getting anywhere and found that I was dealing with people who were neither willing or able to come up with a solution to enable me to continue to grow my property investment portfolio. That was, until I met with New Zealand Mortgage Company who took the time to understand my business and we work-shopped the various options. They then went ahead and consolidated and restructured all my funding facilities. I am now able move forward again.  

- Nelson King -

When I decided to buy a petrol station, I really thought that getting funding would be difficult. This was definitely not the case when I asked New Zealand Mortgage Company to do it, and they had it all done and dusted within a week.

- George Spriggs -

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